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Are you someone who has a strong interest in real estate projects? Have you always been looking for a way to make your first investment in real estate? 

Or you are a seasoned investor who wants to explore new realms and diversify their portfolio by adding real estate avenues to it? 

Whatever your needs are, if they are linked with real estate investments, Lior Babazara can help you. At Lior Babazara, we are an online platform focused on real estate investments and provide verified investors with a range of investment opportunities. 

If you are ready to make your first or next investment in this sector, the right time and place is here.

Considerations before Investing in Startups

Build a Detailed Investor Profile

Before you even approach any real estate project owners, we encourage you to build your complete profile on our platform. Building your complete profile on the website allows us to verify you and helps you build credibility right from the start. Keep in mind that just like you can scan through the real estate investment opportunities on our website, those who own those projects can look at your profile as well. If your profile is only half complete and misses the most important pieces of information, they wouldn’t want to accept your offer.

In this sector, both the investor and investment seeker have the right to choose who they want to work with. Having as much information in your profile as possible would only send a positive signal to the investment seekers and help them pick you without much hesitation.

Look through Projects Carefully

Just like you, we also encourage our investment seekers to build complete profiles before they sign up with us. This allows you to look into their details and know the potential of the project as well as the team. The more information you have available, the easier it becomes for you to know whether you want to invest in a particular project or not. We encourage you to read the sales pitches from these investment seekers because they have spent time on preparing them. Not to mention, they have prepared their pitches only to get your attention.

Real estate projects can be of many types and hence you want to explore them as carefully as possible. Some might require a very small investment while others will need a huge sum of money. Some are rental projects while others are development projects allowing you to own a piece of the estate.

Don’t Slide Off the Platform

Even though we have verified every project in its entirety, we must still leave some room for doubt. In other words, we encourage you to complete all your dealings and settlements on the platform. If a potential investment seeker asks you to talk to them personally on a different messaging avenue, we want you to avoid doing that. Once you have left our platform, we are not responsible for any dealings and agreements that take place between you and the company or project you have invested in.

Your chances of meeting a fraud are close to none when you stay on our platform. We have designed it in a way that illegitimate entities with fraudulent projects cannot sign up with us in the first place. So, make sure that you engage in conversations, finalize your dealings, etc. on our platform that we have created with your needs in mind.

Invest Only a Portion

When you finally make up your mind that you want to invest in a project, it is best that you invest only a portion of the required amount. At Lior Babazara, we have a network hundreds and thousands of investors who have the opportunity to invest in just as many real estate projects. We encourage the practice of our investors investing in many projects rather than investing in only one. Many small investments from hundreds of investors would help investment seeker meet their targets and allow you to keep your risks at a minimum.

For example, if a project requires $100,000 of investment, you don’t have to invest the full amount or even half of it. You could just decide to invest $5000 because there are 19 other investors in our network who will be more than willing to become a part of that project through their investments. With collective investments from our investor network, we create a win-win situation for parties on both sides of the transaction. With small investments in many projects, the collective return you will get after a few months or years will be great.

Start Investing with Lior Babazara

Through our platform, we have created a bridge between you and those who need investments for their real estate projects. We have also kept our platform fees as low as possible so you can reap the benefits of your investments. 

Start investing in real estate by signing up with us today.