How It Works

Is it your first time making a real estate investment or are you an experienced investor but just want to know how things work at Lior Babazara? Are you looking for real estate investments but want to inquire if we are a good match for you? Whatever the case maybe, we are sure we have the solution that addresses your concern and helps you reach your end goal. We have a proper process in place to ensure our investors and investment seekers get what they want. Here is how everything works when you join Lior Babazara.

For Real Estate Investors

As real estate investors ourselves, we know every investor is different. For this reason, we have created a setup in which you are able to find the right type of investment for you based on a wide range of filters. Here is how it will work for you when you make up your mind to join us.

  • You create an account and while creating it, you pick the “Real Estate Investor” option.
  • You enter the required details and verify through your email or SMS.
  • You land on your dashboard, settle in, navigate around, and configure things according to your preferences.
  • You look through the available real estate projects in our database to find the right one for you.
  • You use the filter option to separate certain types of real estate investments. For example, you can configure the filters to show you only rental real estate properties.
  •  You click on the project that interests you, look at its features, read the project creators sales pitch, and decide to invest or not invest.


The real estate projects you see on the website are carefully picked after passing them through a set of requirements and standards. We have personally spoken to the people who these projects belong to. Furthermore, we have obtained all other details to verify the legitimacy of the project and the team behind it.

For Real Estate Investment Seekers

If you have a real estate project soon to be started, we understand the overwhelming pressure it must be putting on you. You need to start working on the project as soon as possible otherwise your target audience starts losing interest or becomes doubtful about the whole thing. Here is how you can use our platform.

  • Create a “Real Estate Investment Seeker” account with us.
  • Enter your personal details.
  • Enter the details of your project.
  • Verify the details of your project.
  •  Upload your sales pitch, images, and every document that you think will interest the investors.
  • Enter the capital you will require to start or continue the project.
  • Define the right type of investor that will suit your project.


All the real estate investors on our platform are real people who have years of investment experience behind them. We have verified their personal details by adhering to the KYC policies. Furthermore, we have obtained and verified their full investment portfolio to make sure that you are approached by only professional, serious, and visionary real estate investors to provide capital for your project.

For High-tech Startups and Angel Investments

Do you know we cater to the needs of angel investors and investment seekers as well? Moreover, our platform provides great resources for those who wish to particularly invest in high-tech startups. If you are someone who wants investment for their project at lenient and relaxed terms, you definitely want to have an angel investor onboard. Furthermore, we can provide you with a list of high-tech startups if you want to change things through tech-based disruption.

Lior Babazara makes real estate investment easier than ever.
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