Why should I invest in real estate?

Real estate is one of the most sought after investment realms because of the benefits and returns it offers. The most amazing thing about this form of investment is that it works at any time of the year and has been that way for centuries. More importantly, despite the recent pandemic situation the real estate market has not shown any signs of slowing down. Overall, an investment you make in the real estate market would probably yield profits in the long run.

How does it work for investors?

When you sign up with us using an investor account, you get access to a long list of real estate projects launched in different parts of the country. These could even be international projects but you don’t have to worry about them because they are a part of our portfolio and we take care of their legitimacy, upkeep, and documentation. You can pick the project that you think will yield the best outcomes for you. As soon as you select this project, it is added to your portfolio.

How does it work for investment seekers?

You may have an amazing real estate project that could be small or big. You can either hand over that entire project to us or launch a campaign to get funds to complete this project. In either case, you can use the Lior Babazara platform for your convenience. You can get funded by hundreds and thousands of investors in our network. Also, we can personally take care of the project for you. If you price it right, Lior Babazara can take over the project on your behalf.

Do you guarantee positive outcomes on my investments?

We are sure once you use our platform, you will be able to get the most out of your investment. However, if you are specifically asking for a guaranty from our side, we will not be able to give that. There is no form of investment in the world that you can back by 100% guaranties. That’s just not how investments work. In real estate investments, you will eventually end up with a gain on the amount you have invested. The gains could be big or small. However, you can’t be promised a certain gain. 

Will you help me pick a project to invest in?

We have made our platform in such a way that the power is entirely in the hands of the investor. You can pick from the projects that you think make the most sense to you. Our responsibility is to verify the legitimacy of these projects and get as much information as possible about them, which we have done with due diligence. The rest depends on you. We can’t personally get involved in your decisions.

Can I invest in multiple properties at a time?

Sure, you can invest in as many properties as you like. In fact that’s what our platform has been designed for. We encourage you to make several small investments in many projects and let our platform do its work.

Can I ask for investments for a second time?

If you are someone looking for a crowdfunding campaign for one of your real estate projects, you can use our platform to get that investment through several investors. Now, if you need some more investment, you can launch another campaign. However, we encourage you to be very precise with your predictions and complete all the funding work in one go.

Do you have a mobile application?

Yes, we have a mobile application that is loved by our investors and real estate investment seekers. For investment seekers, they are notified of every small fund that comes their way after launching their crowdfunding campaign or when they are a part of a campaign. Furthermore, you are notified automatically when a property is added to your portfolio as an investment.

Why do I have to give out my personal information?

Your personal information is what makes you unique. We can’t let random people sign up on our platform and create a list of fake projects. That’s not good for the platform or any other stakeholder for that matter. Investment seekers sift through investors’ information and vice versa to know that they are meeting the right partner. Without your personal and project information, it will not be possible for us to create an environment of trust.

Can you help me with angel investments?

We surely can. Our platform can be used for multiple purposes and angel investments are another part of it. In fact, the real estate crowdfunding side of our business is all about angel investments. When you launch a campaign to get investment for your project, it’s the angel investors who are actively participating in the funding process. 

I heard you also help with high-tech startup investments? Is that true?

That’s also true. Lior Babazara is the name of our owner and founder, and he has been associated with the real estate industry for decades. His decades of work has earned him great partners, affiliates, friends, etc. He has a huge network of people who frequently launch real estate projects and need funds for those projects. The funds come from angel investors from his network. These angel investors are ready to explore other markets as well, and with time it has become evident that they are especially interested in high-tech companies and startups. 

Do you have your own stakes in it?

 Yes, we have our own stakes in it. Many of the properties that are being managed based on the crowdfunding model are part of our portfolio. We have stakes on both sides, the investment as well as investment seekers.