About Us

With a strong focus on real estate investment, Lior Babazara distinguishes itself from the competition by going beyond the real estate realm. We are experts in real estate investments, but our inventory of services includes high-tech startup and angel investments as well. Another factor that sets us apart from the competition is that the founder of this company is someone who believes in having his own stake in things that he wants others to invest in. This is evidence of his great commitment to his clients and everyone else who is directly or indirectly associated with him in his investment efforts. The man behind it all is Lior Babazara himself.

A Little about Lior Babazara

Lior has never been a fan of being in the limelight. He likes to focus on the important things in life so a few lines would suffice his introduction. He began as someone who was always keen in investing in different sectors, especially real estate. Despite being considered among the good students in his class, Lior’s focus was not to study and become slave to a 9 to 5 schedule. He wanted to do something special – something that gave him excitement and provided him with the opportunity to help other grow. Lior always likes to thank the failures he had to face when he just started investing in real estate because those mistakes taught him the lessons that later helped him become the real estate investment tycoon he is today.

Our Mission

At Lior Babazara, we like to spend every day creating new opportunities on both sides of the real estate investment spectrum. We already have the basic system in place that benefits both, those who want to invest in real estate and those who are looking for investments for their real estate endeavors. We optimize this system every day so it becomes more and more benefitting for its stakeholders.

Our Vision

The main aim of Lior Babazara is to become the biggest hub on the internet for real estate investors and real estate investment seekers. In our aim, we don’t define the term “biggest” as only being present in the highest number of countries. Our meaning of big is to that we become a platform that has the largest pool of real estate investment opportunities, the most trust from its stakeholders, and the highest level of reliability for everyone who is a part of the system.

Our Core Values

Lior Babazara always preaches to businesses and startups to define their values because that’s how companies know what they stand for and what they can’t stand. Here are our core values.

  • Being neutral to both parties i.e. those who want to invest in real estate and those who are looking for investment in real estate

  • Maintaining the utmost transparency in all of our processes

  • Verifying all real estate opportunities before entering them into our system to make sure no investment goes to waste

  • Innovating without pause to bring better and more optimized real estate solutions to everyone

Get in touch with the best real estate investors or be one to promote real estate by joining us today.