We Are the Real People to Begin Your Real Estate Investments With

Look no further if you want to invest in real estate or have a real estate project you need investment for.

An Investment Market That Stays Strong

Begin your journey with real estate investment because it’s one of the biggest investment industries in the world, with investments in 2021 going above $2.1 trillion. The minor ups and downs are part and parcel to any market, but the overall performance of the real estate investment market stays strong all around the world.

Real Estate Is Here Forever

A company might make a blunder and disappear from the stock market forever, but real estate isn’t going away unless humans collectively decide to not live in homes anymore. Real estate is here to stay for as long as humans dwell this planet. Make your investments without unnecessary fears and overthinking.

Take Advantage of Crowdfunding

One of the things that make real estate market an accessible one for all is the possibility of crowdfunding. You can participate in crowdfunded projects and become a small part of a large investment. This allows you to have higher probabilities of getting a return on your investment and minimized risks.

A Variety of Ways to Invest

Real estate investments branch out into many different domains. You could invest in a residential house, a commercial building, a piece of vacant land, or a multi-family rental unit. In a similar way, if you are someone developing a piece of land for commercial or residential dwellings, you can get investments from us.

Why Invest in Real Estate with Lior Babazara

Lior Babazara provides you with a reliable online platform where you can invest in a variety of real estate investment projects or put up your own projects to get investments, majorly through angel investments. Here are some reasons you should consider investing in real estate with us.

We Have Our Stakes in It

At Lior Babazara, we aren’t making you spend your money for our gain. Lior Babazara has been associated with real estate investments for years and he has his own stakes in many of the real estate projects showcased on the website. We aren’t using you as a test case, we have already put our money were we ask you to put yours.

Invest or Get Investments

Our platform is not limited to only one side of the real estate industry. We operate on both sides and thus have a strong network of not only investors but also those who are seeking real estate investments. Whether you are looking for an investment opportunity to increase your wealth or want investment for your project, we are here to help.

Various Forms of Investments Available

We have opened the doors for you to find an investment type that suits you. Do you want to buy residential or commercial buildings? Are you interested in vacant lands? Or do you wish to explore the rental side of real estate? Whatever way you wish to invest in this lucrative market, we have the resources available for you.

We Go beyond Real Estate Investments

Lior Babazara’s investment circle includes other markets, such as high-tech startup investments and angel investments. We continue to create new investment opportunities in multiple verticals for our investors while also providing a great resource to startups and aspiring real estate project owners to get investment when they need it.


Your real estate investment career greatly depends on the first step you take. Join your hands with us to explore reliable, transparent, and lucrative investment opportunities in the real estate vertical.